Jazz in the Boardroom

Last weekend Hansi and I attended a jazz recital hosted by one of her coworkers. The performance was held in the boardroom of their company offices. Not a location in which you would expect to hear some great jazz but not entirely uncommon in the live music capital. I had my cameras with me so I snapped a few stills and got some video.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying close enough attention to my camera placement and my RODE microphone attachment picked up a buzzing noise from a nearby cable box. Live and learn I guess. The buzz goes away when the music starts but comes back with a vengeance when it stops.


Aside from my blunder with the microphone the recital was great. Ben and the Dave Wilson Trio filled the building with the smooth jazz that had everyone tapping their toes and bobbing their heads.


As I sat there I couldn’t help but think of how cool it was that this was happening “at the office” and the atmosphere was one of friends and family. A workplace turned play-place for an afternoon of music.